What We Do


Our Providers

System-based wound care requires highly trained providers - more than simply clinical excellence. WoundCentrics providers are trained in one of the busiest wound care systems in the world, in San Antonio, Texas, in a broad-based training program that incorporates proven clinical methodologies as well as operational knowledge of the healthcare continuum rarely imparted by other training programs. 

Our providers understand the needs and capabilities of all facility types within the continuum of care. WoundCentrics Fellowship trained providers understand that they are servants within their facilities and that stewardship is paramount. Our training produces providers who stand in sharp contrast to the typical non-aligned providers whose practices favor their convenience and preferences over facility needs and priorities. That is why our providers are so strongly preferred, even within highly competitive healthcare markets.


We believe that successful programs must be community-wide, cross-continuum in order to assure sustainability, optimal outcomes, and cost-effectiveness.

Our model delivers your facility better alignment with all other regional providers, in all care settings, including STACH, LTACH, IRF, SNF, LTC, Home Health, and Hospice facilities within your community.

Our outreach model addresses some of the most serious care delivery challenges today:

  •  Readmission prevention
  • Present-on-admission status
  • Inter and intra-facility care coordination
  • Dischargeability of high-cost, complex patients

HBO (Hyperbaric)

WoundCentrics delivers an innovative service model that makes HBOT affordable for host facilities, delivers sustainable profits and creates alignment across the continuum.

Sound HBOT programs are built on a shared-risk model, providing management services that are fully aligned with facility goals from planning stages through the life of the program.

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all HBO program. Our customizable solutions and structures for HBOT management services is proof that we strive to fit our services to the needs of our facility partners.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (IRF)

IRF hospitals have specific wound care needs; needs which are often chronically unmet. From the provision of expert, on-site wound care patient consultations, to evidence-based dressing management and best-practices for bed selection and prevention of iatrogenic wounds, a WoundCentrics Rehabilitation Hospital Wound Care Program can be a magnet for high-acuity referrals, and a hub within a community hub-and-spoke wound care system. Rehabilitation hospitals have unique needs, and our programs are designed to meet them.

Long Term Acute Care (LTAC)

WoundCentrics provides fully-aligned and integrated wound care programs which complement the LTACH model: improving clinical outcomes, facilitating timely discharges, preventing re-admissions, containing costs and optimizing revenue opportunities.

Because our programs are system-based with daily provider rounds and integrated case management, shorter stay IPPS admissions and discharges can be reliably managed. Ad-hoc programs and programs without fully aligned providers cannot reliably achieve profitable shorter stay admissions.

On the MS-DRG side, our programs deliver maximum value by assuring that all services which can be effectively delivered within the LTACH are available at the bedside. Our program prevents case cherry-picking by non-aligned providers, sharply reduces outmigration due to wound-related complications as well as transfers to STACH facilities for surgical debridement.

Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)

Skilled Nursing Facilities are becoming increasingly important within the post-acute care continuum, as higher acuity patients continue to be discharged earlier. WoundCentrics providers provides aligned providers, rounding predictably, adhering to strict formulary guidelines, working closely with facility staff to provide the best patient care experience, and moreover, high levels of management satisfaction. Put very simply, when facilities have a chance to experience our services alongside the "industry leader," they often pull the plug on their previous contracts, and request that we take the lead.  Our providers understand that access to your facility is a privilege, and they treat it as such. If you are bewildered by the prima-dona attitude exemplified by some woundcare providers, or their unreliable, inconsistent approach, we'd like to have a chance to show you what fully-aligned woundcare looks like.

Facility Staff Training

Healthcare facilities of all types are finding it increasingly difficult to attract or afford credentialed wound care nurses. With salaries for WOCN and WCC credentialed nurses topping out over 6 figures, we can offer new solutions to the problem of optimal nursing care. WoundCentrics Nursing Education can provide onsite training to your existing nursing staff, giving you the capability to provide advanced wound care with existing staff. By identifying nurses within your organization who are already interested in expanding their knowledge base, and providing our customized, focused training onsite, we can help you save money, and upgrade your nursing capabilities in this critically important area of speciality care.

Short-Term Acute Care

Short Term Acute Care Hospitals are under increasing pressure to manage length of stay, and control cost of care delivery, while being under increasing scrutiny over quality of care. WoundCentrics understands these imperatives, and can help deliver a high-quality wound care program that meets these challenges head on, while improving financial outcomes. We do this by identifying Present On Admission wounds, optimizing DRG revenue, promoting best-practices in resource utilization, and providing discharge options across the continuum that reduce readmissions. This integrated delivery network model, results in improved provider alignment, patient retention for HOPD wound care programs, and drives ancillary referral volumes.