Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society Annual Scientific Meeting

               Wyndham Rio Mar Puerto Rico Golf and Beach Resort June, 2019

  Each year the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) holds an international scientific meeting to provide a forum for professional scientific growth and to improve the knowledge and competence of hyperbaric medicine providers in order to improve patient outcomes.

     The meeting provides a basis for exchange of ideas, both scientific and practical for physicians, researchers, and other health care professionals.  The UHMS Annual Scientific Meeting consists of abstracts, poster presentations, plenary sessions, and social events.  The Annual Scientific Meeting affords an opportunity for participants to meet and interact with past and present leaders of the UHMS and to become more active in Society affairs. 

      Kaye Moseley, WoundCentrics Director of Compliance and Regulatory Reimbursement and an active board member of the UHMS attended this year’s meeting in Puerto Rico. The meeting provided valuable information on topics such as the accepted uses of hyperbaric oxygen in clinical and diving medicine, critique of current decompression schedules and the development of safer protocols, pathophysiology and treatment of toxic and anoxic disorders in which hyperbaric oxygen is used either as he primary or as an adjunctive modality. Participants were also introduced to new diagnostic, research or therapeutic techniques and equipment pertaining to hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

     In addition to the main scientific lecture sessions, the Associate Members of the UHMS (Non-physician) held a one-day breakout session with lectures and poster presentations geared more toward hyperbaric operations.  These lectures covered topics such as new mechanical ventilator technology for use with multi and mono-place chambers, infection control practices, patient education, facility accreditation, The Joint Commission updates and probes, CMS and third party payer requirements for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, biological skin substitutes, and debridements. At the end of the Breakout session Kaye led a Round Table discussion on  Compliance,  Reimbursement and Preparation for a  CMS Target, Probe and Educate audit of HBOT. 

    Across the country, the hyperbaric industry is experiencing a decrease in the number of treatments provided and the negative financial impact of CMS and third party payers’ control over payment for HBOT.  Unfortunately, the impact on our patients in need of the therapy is far greater. As an active board member of UHMS, Kaye is able to keep WoundCentrics’ partners abreast of actual and planned regulatory changes to minimize the clinical and operational impact on their wound clincs.

     Everyone who attended the meeting agreed, compliance with the local MAC’s LCD and adhering to the clinical documentation requirements are critical to ensure we can continue to offer Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy to patients.   Through education and legitimate clinical research, the UHMS continues the quest for approval of new HBOT indications while trying to maintain our current indications. 

Kaye, through her participation in UHMS, continues to support WoundCentrics and its partners in advocacy for hyperbaric medicine’s utility and efficacy.




Kaye Moseley

WoundCentrics Director of Compliance and Regulatory Reimbursement

Associate Representative, UHMS Board of Directors

UHMS Finance Committee Member

President-Elect Gulf Coast Chapter of the UHMS




Darlene Carey with WoundCentrics to Present at the SAWC in San Antonio

Darlene Carey, MBA, VP of Clinical Operations with WoundCentrics

Darlene Carey, who serves as Vice President of Clinical Operations for WoundCentrics of New Braunfels, Texas, will be a guest faculty presenter at the Spring 2019 Symposium on Advanced Wound Care Spring | Wound Healing Society Conference in San Antonio May 7 – 10 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Conference Center in San Antonio, Texas.

The SAWC Conference features exciting new cutting-edge topics led by the most dynamic and influential educators in wound healing to further move the wound care community forward and create a dynamic and unified voice to support the shared mission – improving patient care.

Darlene will present information on clinical Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and how it has come under increased scrutiny in the last several years by payors. Now more than ever, clinicians must know how to select suitable candidates for this adjunctive therapy or potentially face financial penalties.

The lecture will focus on choosing appropriate patients for HBOT using real life examples of approved indications and information from the national coverage determination (NCD). In addition, the presentation will emphasize the key elements of documentation required to meet medical necessity criteria. The goal of the lecture is for clinicians to feel comfortable identifying patients and providing necessary documentation for hyperbaric therapy.

In her leadership role at WoundCentrics, Darlene is responsible for the implementation, opening and ongoing operations of wound centers. She began her healthcare career in the early 1980s and has served in both acute care and specialty facilities. Transitioning from inpatient acute care to outpatient wound centers in 2000, she has been involved in over 87 wound centers, both de novo and existing centers needing re-engineering across the country. Darlene is intrigued by process improvement, especially as it relates to employee productivity. She received her MBA from Delta State University and her Bachelors degree from the University of Southern Mississippi. She has published articles in wound care journals on topics of Quality, Process Improvement and Work Flow. Outside of healthcare she serves on the Board of the National Association of Junior Auxiliaries.

Darlene’s Presentation is scheduled for Friday, May 10th at 3:30pm. · Session 43: HBOT: Patient Selection in the Age of Scrutiny

Friday, May 10 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

WoundCentrics is a Visionary Partner for the Spring 2019 NALTH Clinical Conference

WoundCentrics will be a major sponsor and exhibitor at the National Association of Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals (NALTH) Spring 2019 LTCH Clinical Education & Annual Meeting on Wednesday, May 1 to Friday, May 3rd in Las Vegas at the Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.

WoundCentrics is a Visionary Partner with NALTH, which is the highest level of sponsorship, and includes participating in the Table Top Topics sessions by providing WoundCentrics management as guest faculty. The Visionary Partnership also includes participating in the Vendor Exhibits that will offer information on the WoundCentrics clinical and business model, advertising in the conference program and having company personnel attend the Spring Conference educational programs.

The theme for WoundCentrics at the NALTH Spring Conference will be a focus on the company’s clinical wound care services provided in the LTACH.

Advanced Wound Care designed for the LTACH

Wound care is a unique challenge and focus for the medical staff and management in every LTACH due to the high acuity and complex patients admitted to the long-term acute care hospitals. WoundCentrics has developed a specialized wound care program specifically designed for the LTACH.

The WoundCentrics model provides fully-aligned wound care specialist providers which complements the current day LTACH model. Our program features:

✓ Daily rounding by WoundCentrics Providers

✓ Improved clinical outcomes

✓ Reduce re-admissions

✓ Standardize formulary for cost containment

✓ Optimizing length of stay and revenue opportunities.

Our wound care program is system-based with daily provider rounds and coordinated case management. We deliver maximum value by assuring that all services which can be effectively delivered within the LTACH are available at the bedside. This prevents case cherry-picking by non-aligned providers, sharply reduces outmigration due to wound-related complications as well as transfers to other facilities for surgical debridement.

Let’s talk at the NALTH Spring Conference 2019 about the WoundCentrics wound care program. Our goal is to establish your LTACH as a true center of excellence, while improving length of stay, controlling costs and maximizing profitability with LTACH compliant admissions.

WoundCentrics and Rush Health System Align to deliver Wound Care Services in the Community

The Rush Health System, located in Meridian, Mississippi and WoundCentrics, based in New

Braunfels,Texas, have announced a Specialized Wound Care Services agreement to provide

clinical care and management services beginning in January 2018.

The Rush Health System is comprised of seven hospitals and more that fifty specialty and

primary care practices serving the citizens of East Central Mississippi and West Alabama.

WoundCentrics will focus on three areas in the Rush Health System including in-patient wound

care services in the 215 bed Rush Foundation Hospital. WoundCentrics will begin to manage the

outpatient Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center January 1, 2019. And, the WoundCentrics

wound care specialist providers will deliver wound care services, including procedures, to the

patients of the Specialty Hospital of Meridian, a 49-bed long-term acute care hospital.

The Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center at Rush Foundation Hospital was established in 1997 to

provide advanced wound care to patients with chronic or slow to heal wounds. The outpatient

wound center is staffed by Medical Director Dr. Johnathan Lee and Dr. Kevin Ward and Ellen

Taylor, Nurse Practioner, Reggie Stewart, Program Director and the trained nursing and

hyperbaric technicians.

WoundCentrics will manage the Wound Care clinic program, provide clinical training and fully

integrate the wound program into the continuum of care in the Rush system.

“We are pleased to be a partner with the Rush Health System and align our efforts to deliver

quality, advanced wound care services in the system,” stated Stuart Oertli, Chief Operating

Officer. “Our mid-level providers will team up with the current physicians and clinical staff to

focus on the wound care patients in the community and assist Rush with their goal of delivering

quality care.”

WoundCentrics is a 12 year old national wound care company that operates Wound Care

Centers, employees, trains and manages wound care physicians and providers and offers

clinical service agreements in Hospitals, Long Term Acute Hospital, Rehabilitation Hospitals and

Skilled Nursing Homes.

Wound Care Specialists of America Merges with WoundCentrics of New Braunfels, Texas

Wound Care Specialists of America of Lubbock, Texas, announced that it has merged with

WoundCentrics, LLC of New Braunfels, Texas effective October 1, 2018. The new entity will continue

operating as WoundCentrics, LLC and consolidate the most of its operations to a new corporate office to

be constructed in New Braunfels, Texas with expected completion in late 2019.

Wound Care Specialists was formed in 2009 and manages hospital based and physician owned wound

care & hyperbaric medicine clinics. Wound Care Specialists started with the acquisition of 2 Christus

hospital wound center contracts and has grown to managing 4 Christus hospital programs, including

both inpatient and outpatient wound care services.

WoundCentrics was formed in 2012 in New Braunfels, Texas, operating with a provider-based model

focusing primarily on post acute wound care services to Long Term Acute Care Hospitals.

WoundCentrics has grown from its first single LTACH location to 27 Long Term Acute Care Hospital

clients located in 14 states and provides its specialized wound care services to numerous Skilled Nursing

Facilities, Rehabilitation Hospitals, and Acute Care Hospitals. The merged companies will also operate 13

outpatients wound and hyperbaric centers.

“Wound Care Specialists merging with WoundCentrics will allow both companies to create synergies and

operate under one umbrella in the markets we serve together,” stated Rodney Franklin, MD, CEO of

WoundCentrics. “WoundCentrics will have a larger footprint in the wound care market and allow for us

to serve our clients better and afford our team more resources for scaling our clinical and business

operations.” Dr. Franklin explained.

Stuart Oertli, WoundCentrics Chief Operating Officer, shared his thoughts on the merger saying “it is an

exciting time for the company as we grow, starting new partnerships and expanding others. While such

rapid growth can be challenging at times, we have seen how much our services mean to the patients

and organizations we serve.”

Landmark Hospitals of Cape Girardeau and Columbia, Missouri Add WoundCentrics Inpatient Wound Services

WoundCentrics, LLC, of New Braunfels, Texas, continues to grow its relationship with Landmark

Hospital Corporation of Naples, Florida. WoundCentrics announced that it started its

contracted inpatient specialized Wound Care Services program at the Landmark Hospitals in

Cape Girardeau and Columbia, Missouri.

“Providing our specialized inpatient wound care services program in Cape Girardeau and

Columbia will provide consistent wound care in the Missouri facilities associated with

Landmark,” according to Stuart Oertli, Chief Operating Officer of WoundCentrics. “We value

our relationship with Landmark and expanding in to the Missouri facilities will ensure quality,

consistent specialized wound care and excellent outcomes.”

Landmark Hospital of Cape Girardeau is a 30-bed Critical Care facility and operates as a joint

venture between Landmark Holdings of Missouri, LLC, and Saint Francis Medical Center located

at 3255 Independence Street, Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Landmark Hospital of Columbia is located just off I-70 at 604 Old 63 North, Columbia, Missouri

and is a free standing 42-bed critical care facility.

WoundCentrics also provides wound care services to the Landmark Hospital in Joplin, Missouri

and now delivers a high level of consistent, specialized wound services to all of Landmark’s

facilities in Missouri.

And, according to the Landmark website, “Landmark provides solutions for patients who face a

hospital discharge, yet still require acute medical care. Our patients may simply need additional

time to recover from an illness or injury, or they may present medically complex cases that

require a multi-disciplinary approach to extended acute healthcare. Our patients require a

higher level of care for a longer period than the average hospital offers; but they are not yet

ready to transfer to a sub-acute care facility, such as a skilled nursing facility, or to be

discharged. During this critical time, we bring exciting new technologies and experienced

management to bear on our primary task – providing our patients with the best medical care

available as they continue on their journey toward healing.”

The WoundCentrics specialized wound care services is designed to care for those critically ill

patients that develop complex, challenging wounds and is now a part of the Landmark focus on

clinical excellence for their patients.


WoundCentrics Launches Wound Services Program at ContinueCARE Hospital at Baptist Health Paducah

WoundCentrics, LLC, of New Braunfels, Texas, has announced that it has recently launched its Specialized Wound Care Services program at ContinueCARE Hospital at Baptist Health Paducah, a Long Term Acute Hospital (LTACH) located in Paducah, Kentucky.

The WoundCentrics program will focus on aligning the wound care team at the 37-bed LTACH located, within Baptist Health in Paducah, which began in July 2018.  Dr. Peter Ward, a Plastic Surgeon in Paducah, is leading the clinical delivery of the WoundCentrics specialized wound services program and has completed advanced wound care training with the company and he is currently treating wound care patients at ContinueCARE Hospital in Paducah.

“Working with the management and clinical team at ContinueCARE Hospital at Baptist Health Paducah, our wound care program will provide a wound care specialist physician who will round in the hospital daily and deliver clinical expertise for the Hospital’s wound service program,” according to Stuart Oertli, Chief Operating Officer at WoundCentrics.

Len McDade, Chief Executive Officer at ContinueCARE Hospital at Baptist Health Paducah stated “as a hospital-within-a-hospital, located in the Baptist Health Hospital in Paducah, we are a separate yet fully licensed acute-care hospital with the ability to provide intensive and complex medical treatment. Our specialty programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of long-term, acute-care patients. The Wound Centrics wound program will increase our focus on patients with serious, complex wounds and our ability to provide high level wound care for our patients,” he explained.

“Our community and the region are fortunate to have a long-term acute care hospital to care for patients with complex medical conditions including providing expertise for complex wounds,” Len McDade stated.  “We provide high quality care in a compassionate environment for very sick patients – every day.   WoundCentrics will assist in our daily goals to provide the best care possible for patients with complex wounds.”

ContinueCARE Hospital, located at 2501 Kentucky Avenue, 5th Floor, Paducah, Kentucky 42003, serves the needs of patients with medically complex conditions, especially those suffering from multisystem complications and needing extended recovery times – often 25 days or more.  The ability to provide these specialized services is possible through cooperation between Baptist Health Paducah and CHC ContinueCARE of Plano, Texas.



Darlene Carey - Vice President of Operations

August 20, 2018-- New Braunfels, TX -- WoundCentrics welcomes Darlene Carey to its leadership team as the new Vice President of Operations.  Carey brings more than 30 years of experience in center level and corporate operations, as well as, an extensive background in process design and reengineering, business modeling, and financial management.  Carey succeeds Connor Parker who will be relocating to Georgia with his extended family.

“Darlene is an excellent addition to the WoundCentric’s  leadership team,” Stuart Oertli, COO said. “Darlene’s extensive experience in every area of wound  care and hyperbaric operations aligns perfectly with WoundCentric’s overall mission. Her expertise in both operations and quality will allow us to successfully continue the rapid growth we have been experiencing without sacrificing the outcomes our hospital and post-acute care partners expect.”

Most recently, Carey served as a senior member of the leadership team at Precision Health Care. The central focus of her role was strategic planning which shaped and directed cross-functionality of the team that lead to enhanced clinical outcomes.   Maintaining collaborative and consultative client relationships, integrating programs within the hospital organization and creating effective working relationships is what Carey is known for within our industry.

Carey holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Delta State University as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Southern Mississippi.  Carey has also served as an Adjunct Professor of Marketing, teaching undergraduates and executive BBA students at Delta State University. Carey is often invited to participate as a speaker for a variety of topics in related to quality and reimbursement in the wound care and hyperbaric industry including most recently at the 2017 Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC).

Landmark Hospital of Joplin focus on Wound Care adds WoundCentrics Specialty Services

Landmark Hospital of Joplin, a 30-bed long term acute care facility that focuses on acutely ill patients
that require a longer in-patient stay, has contracted with WoundCentrics of New Braunfels, Texas to
provide a specialized wound care program to build on the current wound care team.
“We are pleased to work with the outstanding administrative and clinical team at Landmark Joplin,
“stated Stuart Oertli, Chief Operating Officer, for WoundCentrics. “Our wound care services program
and specialty trained providers will provide an emphasis on wound care that will complement the local
wound care team and raise the bar for advanced wound care and patient outcomes in the local market.
The Landmark Hospital of Joplin is the fourth Landmark owned facility to add the WoundCentrics wound
services program to their clinical offering. Landmark Corporation owns and manages seven critical care
Hospitals in the country.
For more information on the Landmark Hospital of Joplin facility go to
For more information on WoundCentrics go to www.woundcentrics.com

WoundCentrics, LLC CMO Marcus Gitterle, M.D. Presents at TMF Quality Institute Event, April 2018


Marcus Gitterle, M.D. presented "Antibiotic Stewardship in Wound Care" at the TMF Health Quality Institute QIN-QIO Event on April 11, 2018. Dr. Gitterle focused on actionable strategies for optimizing antibiotic utilization and improving outcomes in high-risk populations. 


Gleaned from his experiences as an Antibiotic Stewardship champion in the Christus Santa Rosa Hospital system in the San Antonio region, Dr. Gitterle presented to the audience of approximately 300 physicians and healthcare administrators strategies such as improving integration between the Emergency Department, HOPDs, ID consultants, and Hospitalist teams.


In addition, Dr. Gitterle presented data on the use of advanced PCR-based diagnostic strategies to improve outcomes over conventional microbial identification technologies, and rubrics for improving case management in non-infectious conditions commonly misdiagnosed as skin infections.

The TMF QIN-QIO works with health care providers in Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Puerto Rico to improve care for patients. Email: tmfqin@tmf.org