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WoundCentrics announces expanding services with Warm Springs in San Antonio

WoundCentrics has announced an agreement to implement its specialized wound care services program at 4 facilities in the San Antonio area including the newly opened Post Acute Medical Specialty Hospital of San Antonio, Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital of San Antonio, Warm Springs Hospital Rehabilitation Hospital of Thousand Oaks, Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital of Westover Hills, and assume management responsibilities for the Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital of San Antonio outpatient Wound & Hyperbaric program.

Following the formal transition to the new clinical team at these facilities, WoundCentrics will be holding a series of open-house events in the wound care center, at which time the medical community and the community at large can tour the Warm Springs facilities and meet our new Medical Director and Program Director.

“WoundCentrics provides quality wound care services in 8 other Post Acute Medical hospitals, and more than 80 facilities of all types, in four states,” stated Dr. Marcus Gitterle, WoundCentrics Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer. “We believe deeply in the value of integration, and the best patient care is delivered within deeply integrated systems that span the continuum, from diagnosis through discharge.”

WoundCentrics’ COO to Participate in Astellas Pharma, US Transitions of Care National Broadcast Panel

WoundCentrics’ Chief Operating Officer, Stuart Oertli, was invited by Astellas Pharma to participate in the company’s national broadcast for transitions of care for patients with invasive fungal infections. Given his background in healthcare administration throughout the acute and post-acute continuum of care, Oertli was a natural fit to discuss the challenges faced by healthcare providers in ensuring timely, safe and cost-effective transitions of care. The panel also includes Dr. Mark Levis, an oncologist from Johns Hopkins, Melissa Johnson, an infectious disease pharmacist from Duke University Medical Center and Laura Ostrowsky, Director of Case Management at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Although the program is specifically geared towards transitions of care for patients with invasive fungal infections, the material applies to antimicrobial stewardship and transitions through the continuum of care in general. Antimicrobial stewardship is a growing concern in healthcare and a focus for WoundCentrics given our role across the post-acute continuum of care.

WoundCentrics’ new ABX Steward program engages clinicians, including both physicians and pharmacists, as well as healthcare administrators to utilize CDC recommendations and evidence based practices in their antimicrobial prescribing practices.

Utilizing state-of-the-art software, ABX Steward enables your facility to capture key clinical data and deliver HIPAA-compliant patient information to our on-call panel of world-class antibiotic stewardship experts. Their best-practice recommendation is then delivered to the facility within one business day.

Unlike on-site ID physician-based programs, ABX Steward is extremely cost-effective. Whereas typical on-site programs are associated with hefty, per-hour review fees and schedule-based review timing, the ABX Steward system is always ready for consultation and monthly system costs are a fraction of typical on-site review programs.

To view the Astrellas Pharma, US Transitions of Care national broadcast this Thursday, April 14th, you can click on this link to register.

To find out more about ABX Steward, please call 210/701-0909 or click here to reach the Contact page on our website.

Opening of outpatient wound care clinic at Laredo Specialty Hospital

In collaboration with Ernest Health Inc, WoundCentrics is pleased to announce the opening of an outpatient wound care clinic at Laredo Specialty Hospital, 2005 Bustamante Street in Laredo, Texas.

Utilizing a multi-disciplinary, team approach the Laredo Specialty wound care clinic will deliver advanced wound care utilizing the latest modalities and, where indicated, hyperbaric oxygen therapy in a comprehensive strategy to address complex patient wounds. These strategies are tailored to the specific need of the patient in a plan of care that supports the healing process and is designed to improve overall health of the patient. Dr. Gilberto Garza-Lozano, a trained hyperbaricist and Internal Medicine specialist with extensive ties to the Laredo community, serves as Medical Director for the clinic. 

Complications from diabetes is a major issue in South Texas. Laredo Specialty recognized the need for a wound care clinic dedicated to addressing wound issues related to diabetes as well as soft tissue or surgical infection, radiation damage and other causes. WoundCentrics was chosen to partner with Laredo Specialty due to our commitment to treating the whole patient with clinical best practices as well as our involvement and engagement with the entire health care continuum in the community. The whole goal is to ensure patients with wounds in the Laredo community receive the very best of care.

This differentiated approach to the full-spectrum treatment of wound patients, performed in conjunction with our sister company (Wound Care Specialists of America), has proven extremely effective at our 5 clinics in the San Antonio metro area. It is why we are being approached to replicate this model in other communities throughout the country.

If interested in finding out how to partner with WoundCentrics to provide inpatient or outpatient wound care services, please contact us.