WoundCentrics of New Braunfels, Texas, has it Advocate level support as a sponsor of the National Association of Long Term Hospitals (NALTH) Spring 2018 Spring Clinical Education & Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana Thursday April 5th and Friday April 6th.


The NALTH bi-annual conference event will be held at Hyatt Centric French Quarter, New Orleans, LA. and will focus on the initiative to move to a unified payment system and the new qualification rules for patients.


WoundCentrics is an established Advocate Level Sponsor of NALTH and will have a marketing booth in the display area at the Fall Leadership Conference to discuss their Specialized Wound Care Program designed specifically for the LTACH and Post Acute facilities.


The Program will feature speaker programs on:

Coordinating Care in the LTACH / Management and Timely Transition for Complex Patients

Managing Access & Utilization in the LTACH – Continuum of Care Solutions for Complex Patients

LTACH Coding Update:  Coding Overview and Issues

Data Element Standardization and the IMPACT Act of 2014

LTACH Regulatory Update

NALTH Research Policy and Advocacy – Lane Koenig, PhD


“WoundCentrics continues to evolve its strategies for promoting quality, profitability and improved patient outcomes related to wound care in acute and post acute care,” explained Stuart Oertli, Chief Operating Officer for WoundCentrics.   “As CMS shifts its post-acute care reimbursement strategies, we have observed that compliant patients with wound care needs are being admitted at and even higher rate than before payment reform, presenting an ongoing opportunity for the LTACH to be paid for providing appropriate wound care.


Oertli continued, “Maximizing reimbursement from these patients is one of the few proven ways to offset the revenue lost due to recent payment reform and NALTH has proven a key strategy for WoundCentrics to stay informed and ahead of the changes to ensure ongoing success for our clients.

Supporting NALTH is just one of the many ways we stay involved and informed on the constantly evolving regulatory and clinical care changes affecting LTACHs.”


WoundCentrics was formed in 2012 to provide aligned wound care services in the post acute market.  We now provide services in 8 states and more than 30 hospitals.