WoundCentrics, LLC, of New Braunfels, Texas, has announced that it has recently launched its Specialized Wound Care Services program at ContinueCARE Hospital at Baptist Health Paducah, a Long Term Acute Hospital (LTACH) located in Paducah, Kentucky.

The WoundCentrics program will focus on aligning the wound care team at the 37-bed LTACH located, within Baptist Health in Paducah, which began in July 2018.  Dr. Peter Ward, a Plastic Surgeon in Paducah, is leading the clinical delivery of the WoundCentrics specialized wound services program and has completed advanced wound care training with the company and he is currently treating wound care patients at ContinueCARE Hospital in Paducah.

“Working with the management and clinical team at ContinueCARE Hospital at Baptist Health Paducah, our wound care program will provide a wound care specialist physician who will round in the hospital daily and deliver clinical expertise for the Hospital’s wound service program,” according to Stuart Oertli, Chief Operating Officer at WoundCentrics.

Len McDade, Chief Executive Officer at ContinueCARE Hospital at Baptist Health Paducah stated “as a hospital-within-a-hospital, located in the Baptist Health Hospital in Paducah, we are a separate yet fully licensed acute-care hospital with the ability to provide intensive and complex medical treatment. Our specialty programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of long-term, acute-care patients. The Wound Centrics wound program will increase our focus on patients with serious, complex wounds and our ability to provide high level wound care for our patients,” he explained.

“Our community and the region are fortunate to have a long-term acute care hospital to care for patients with complex medical conditions including providing expertise for complex wounds,” Len McDade stated.  “We provide high quality care in a compassionate environment for very sick patients – every day.   WoundCentrics will assist in our daily goals to provide the best care possible for patients with complex wounds.”

ContinueCARE Hospital, located at 2501 Kentucky Avenue, 5th Floor, Paducah, Kentucky 42003, serves the needs of patients with medically complex conditions, especially those suffering from multisystem complications and needing extended recovery times – often 25 days or more.  The ability to provide these specialized services is possible through cooperation between Baptist Health Paducah and CHC ContinueCARE of Plano, Texas.