Antibiotic stewardship programs have now become commonplace but these programs are implemented in widely varying manners and show wide variations in impact, both clinically and financially.

WoundCentrics, LLC aims to improve the impact of antibiotic stewardship for all stakeholders, through a new product called ABX Steward (

Embodying best practices in information design, HIPAA compliance and clinical antibiotic stewardship policy, ABX Steward enables a pharmacy-based, clinical review of antibiotic prescribing down to the individual case level.

ABX Steward enables your pharmacy staff to conveniently submit clinical data electronically to our cloud-based infrastructure, where it is transmitted to our team of board-certified ID experts for timely review.

Within 24 hours of initiation of the review process, a formal recommendation is sent to the pharmacy where it can be placed on the patient’s chart for action by the prescribing physician.

Reviews are objective, timely and conform to best practices. Moreover, unlike traditional, on-site review programs, there are no cumbersome physician contracts, or monthly minimum charges, and information technology is leveraged appropriately to improve the efficiency of the review process.

We believe ABX Steward to be the future of antibiotic stewardship and it is available today!